Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear World,

Nothing is going to hold me back from exploring every inch of you. I just want to pack leave and find new things. I am sick of going through the same thing all the time. drama, no drama, then right back to drama. it is just stupid. I hate secrets that always happen. I hate constantly being replaced by other people. Lets all just be friends with people were not attracted to. that would make things so much really would.

anyway. this is my plan World. I am going to pack one bag, put on my toms and some travel clothing, get a plane ticket, get on the that plane. then never look back. I don't care what I miss out on to be honest. High school isn't for me anyway. I really could careless about football games, sitting in the same spot to eat lunch everyday, being afraid of people not liking you. Yep that's just lame.

So this is me telling the world that it doesn't need to worry anymore. Steph will be coming very soon. :)

with much luv: Miss Steph

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No make up and sun burns

this is just dandy. I have a sun burn. Not any kind of sun burn a tanning bed sun burn. if you havent had one of these.....they totally reck your life. my poor belly is on fire. its fine. me, jenny, and claire all went yesterday. it was fun other than the fact that my belly will never will be the same and jenny's face looks like a raccoon. hahahah!!!!!

oh also i decided to ban make up in my day to day life. it dose me nothing. well it does but um ya know me i am to lazy to do it.

this is my weekend summed up in to.....Wait! i also watched conference and ate food all weekend. my life is good real good.

till later my little ones. be free.

love steph
Oh yes i also watched some nice music videos of some very attractive people:)

Thursday, March 22, 2012


(via imgTumble) 

Lets all go on an adventure together! 
I want to go live in a tree house in the Amazon Rain Forest
where animals will talk with me
I want to go live on the savanna 
where I will wake up every morning to the sound of the wild animal kingdom. 
and I can think to my self "I wonder where Pride Rock is"

I will over come my fear of bugs and learn to love camping
I will walk around in cargo pants and safari hats.

lets all go run around and find new lands
learn crazy languages 

then finally one day we will all come back to little old American Fork 
I will sit out on my front porch and wonder if that really happened.

oh wait it did. 

please lets all just go and do that!
if you don't want to go I will be happy to send you some very nice post cards.

Love: Indiana Jones (Stephanie) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I want an Australian accent. like really really bad. wouldn't that be like to coolest thing in the whole world!!! I could just go live in Australia because I would sound like all of them. yep that's what I am going to do.

I would also have a British one so I could sound like One Direction:) I am kind of in love with them. Yup:) i just sit on at my computer with my sister and watch youtube videos hahahah!! dont worry i have a life...kind of.

that's all. Have a Sunny day shela's

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

so ready to be done!!!!

I. can. not. wait. for. high. school. to. be. done.

I really dislike it a lot. It isn't fun at all. 
you think I am kidding but I am not 

I don't fit in with any one that I used to fit in with
I feel like every one is distant from me or I am distant from them?
it is hard to explain.

I just have so much else to do with life than going to foot ball games or lame high school stuff
I have a whole world just waiting for me 
I need to go grab it before it passes me by.

Hahaha me and Jessica were talking and we both decided that we have no friends.
haha!! it is true tho
we are each others best friends

I go to school and the whole day is a blur of nothing
I walk threw the halls at school and realize I have nothing in common with any of those people

I am just ready to move on with life. 
and that life doesn't involve anything from High school. 

Hello world this is Stephanie.
I will be joining you very soon

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Buy a hat. Change a life.

I dont care what you are doing right now you need to stop and check this out. Drop every thing and sit your butt down in front of the computer and read all about Krochet Kids.

They are pretty much the coolest and greatest people in the whole world. easily.

So a few months ago I was watching TV with my family when I see a Bing commercial come on and I am thinking "Oh man....I hate lame stuff like Bing commercials!" but that thought was short lived. My mind was blown out of this world. I am serious. It showed this man with a freaken sweet hat on and a very nice mustache talking about Uganda and how his friends and him are helping change lives there. Lets just say that I got so many chills that it hurt.
watch it and feel the chills with me:

I saw this and I knew that something had to be done. So I got on the computer and looked them up. I read all about them and their awesomeness. A little while passed and I kept checking the web sit every day. Then finally I asked mom to pretty please purchase a hat for me. So we did. I waited not so patiently for my hat to come in the mail. But one Friday in like September I got a box in the was straight from Uganda, Africa!!!  inside of this box was my beautiful hat. My hat is the Cranberry Bella and it was made by the wonder full hands of a Ugandan woman. Her name is Akech Santa.and she is amazing. I helped change her life for the BEST!!

One day I WILL be apart of this. I WILL go there and see these beautiful women change their lives and change mine. Forever.

So don't be lame. Go there right this dang second and change a life. :)

Love: Stephanie